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On the security tab just add the users that you want to have access, or create a group with just those users in and then add that group. In windows a user only has permissions if they are granted permissions. If the user account is not listed they don't have permission you don't need to deny them. Just be mindful of nested groups giving un-intended access. ...


you may not want to give the FULL CONTROL to the users and use special permissions and deny deleting the MAIN folder and remove inheritance only for the MAIN folder. Remember to do create DELETE permission only for the MAIN folder and not for all subfolders and files. while stopping inheritance don't forget to COPY permission. Otherwise chances are there you ...


You just can't use the "%users" because that would mean a linux group, not a sudoers variable. You can do something like the following: Cmnd_Alias SWITCH_USERS = /bin/su - anna, /bin/su - mike %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: SWITCH_USERS If you are creating two groups admin/users in the system only for this matter, you may want to create sudoers ...


Set its immutable bit to prevent even root from deleting it: chattr +i file

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