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Here is the answer. Created new_user account Logged in as new_user to initialize profile Rebooted Logged in as Administrator and copied profile from old PC's hard drive to C:\Users\old_profile Changed permissions of C:\Users\old_profile: Added new_user account with Full Access Changed new_user's ProfileImagePath key in registry: ...


The reason for this error is the Read Only attribute assigned to the existing folder. The current fix to resolve the issue would be to open a command prompt and issue the following command for each individual affected folder: C:\> attrib -R \\folderpath\foldername**


Get yourself delprof2. It has other neat features for cleaning up profiles. The following would delete the profile for user "jscott" on the computer "wkst-01" delprof2 /c:wkst-01 /id:jscott /u


The /etc/skel directory is what you're looking for. This directory is used as a template for new home directories.


http://oakdome.com/k5/tutorials/windows-7-mandatory-roaming-profile.php I have been using this technique on win7 public library computers. The only difference is instead of a network share I put the profile in the Users folder. Hope this helps if anyone else is trying to do this.

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