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This is because the 'someuser' user's $PATH does not have the path where the nvm binary is located. To be able to use the command nvm you need to add the location of nvm binary to that user's path. Do this: Run which nvm as the user for whom nvm command is currently availble. If will show you where the nvm command is located. For example, if which nvm ...


Where is located the nvm program? To find this out, you can type whereis nvm. It looks like this directory is added to the path somewhere inside your .bashrc file. What you have to know is that "su -c" runs a non-interactive shell. You can check this by looking into $- variable content : # echo $- himBH # su -c 'echo $-' - $USER Mot de passeĀ : hBc The ...


From the NVM documentation: To activate nvm, you need to source it from your shell: source ~/.nvm/nvm.sh So, yes, in order to be able to use nvm, you must first "activate" it before invoking it.

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