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Change your scheduled task to launch via WScript similar to: wscript //b //nologo <scriptname>


If this log file never gets removed or renamed, then you can attempt to add EFS access for your account by using SysInternals' PsExec tool running cipher as the system account. Something like: psexec -s cipher /adduser ... If, however, this is a rotating file that gets replaced, then you will encounter this problem with every file that MySQL creates ...


Mathias' answer is perfectly suited for the question as asked. A much better, more maintainable way to accomplish the goal, however, is to use a DHCP server with reservations.


If your txt file is just a space-separated list of [computername] [ip-address], you can use the Import-Csv cmdlet: $Computers = Import-Csv -Path C:\file.txt -Delimiter " " -Header Name,IP foreach($Computer in $Computers){ # Query $Computer.Name # Assign $Computer.IP as the static address }

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