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The problem with coding an administrator password into the script file is that you're exposing said password directly to the user. If you don't mind doing that, you're actually better off just giving admin rights to the user (even if it's temporary). For this upgrade, I gather the rights you need are: Backup files and directories (SeBackupPrivilege) Debug ...


First, use Option Explicit statement always (if used, the Option Explicit statement must appear in a script before any other statements) and On Error GoTo 0 statement at least for debugging. Debug your script using On Error GoTo 0 as follows: Sub Updatecpu(strprocessor) On Error GoTo 0 ' don't continue in case of severe error Set objSysInfo = ...


You can't directly use network device, you have to do it using network drive: Dim oNet = CreateObject("WScript.Network") oNet.MapNetworkDrive("X:", "\\device\share", False, "LOGIN", "PASS") ojbFS.MoveFolder "C:\Test", "X:\" oNet.RemoveNetworkDrive("\\device\shares", True, False) https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kst88h6(v=vs.84).aspx


I know this is pretty old, but I'm looking to do something similar. I want to execute a command. This command after a second or two will launch an additional process. This is the process I want to watch. This process will start and stop (only closed briefly before restarting). As it performs different functions. My end goal is to keep the script ...

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