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Tracing route to vmsp2013.xdomain.local [] over a maximum of 255 hops: As our good friend Inigo says "I do not think it means what you think it means." That is not saying that it took over 255 hops. Rather, it's stating that tracert will not report on any more than 255 hops. In the output, you can clearly see that the host is reachable ...


Is there a NAT router between the two machines? It may be closing the connection do to inactivity and timeouts? The SSH client can turn on SSH-level KeepAlive to try to avoid this scenario. For openssh client, we include the following in the client-side config file (either /etc/ssh/ssh_config or ~/.ssh/config): KeepAlive yes


Prevent operating systems from being installed by users period. Hire administrators that follow procedures and forbid them from installing anything but your approved OS images. Monitor for compliance. Provide a managed deployment solution instead which provides your pre-selected OS images if users need to be able to re-install on demand.


This worked for me Running krb5_newrealm inside a VM can take a long time to complete (after showing "Loading random data" message). You can use the following hack to quicken things a bit. $ sudo aptitude install rng-tools -y $ sudo rngd -r /dev/urandom -o /dev/random # don't do this in production! posted at ...

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