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Unless things have changed since last year, I advise not using glusterfs AFR on geographically disparate hardware. It does not handle latency well and failure to specify read-subvolume will cause it to randomly (apparently randomly, it isn't really random) try to read from a remote brick. As a test, set up your two most latent nodes in gluster replication, ...


I'd say lose everything. Do not virtualise this with VirtualBox, and do not use any cluster/replicating file system. Layers of complexity usually turns out to be layers of just that, complexity, bugs, slow-downs and instabilities. Keep it simple. Run Apache on the bare metal, and use NFS or rsync to move your data between your locations.


Since the answer is somehow hidden in the question - here is the solution for nginx in a VirtualBox environment as standalone answer. In your nginx config (usally /etc/nginx/nginx.conf) or vhost config file change the sendfile parameter to off: sendfile off;

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