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You can run VM consolidation without a major impact to your VM. It's not meant to take the VM offline.


See https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/azure/en-US/62d03380-41e5-4be8-a742-431a980bc318/csupload-produces-unknown-error-unsupported-virtual-size?forum=windowsazuredata Looks like it needs to be a whole number in MB. Dividing your number by 1024 two times (to reduce to KB, and then MB) doesn't result in a whole number. According to the thread you ...


You've got it exactly backward: If you revert to your snapshot, then whatever is in it is replayed (in reverse) and merged to the volume from which the snapshot was taken. This makes the volume identical to the snapshot, and the snapshot is destroyed. If you delete the snapshot, nothing at all is merged; the snapshot is simply destroyed and your volume, ...


I can't neccessarily speak to vBox, but the following applies to VMware. When you delete a file from a VM with an active snapshot, the delta disk doesn't increase by the size of a deleted file. I can confirm this because, after the comments to Michael's answer, I went and tested it on my vSphere 5.5 system. The Test Picked a VM with an quiet secondary ...

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