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You're mixing layer 2 and layer 3 together and they're two different things. VLAN's "operate" at Layer 2 while subnets "operate" at layer 3. It sounds like you have inter-vlan routing configured and you're using that to route traffic between the subnets between the two companies. When you say that you have a /30 that bridges the two switches what I suspect ...


You're probably bit by Linux's uRPF filter, which is designed to avoid packet spoofing but breaks asymmetric routing setups. Disable it with sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=0 sysctl net.ipv4.conf.eth0.rp_filter=0 (Yes, you need to disable both the all entry and the one specific to the interface.)


If you need the same VLAN to span both switches, you need to define it on both devices and then connect them using a trunk (which also gives you the ability to carry mutiple VLANs on the same physical cable). Sample configuration (to be reapeated on both switches): interface GE0/1(or whatever port you want to use) switchport mode trunk switchport trunk ...


Most switches refer to this as "port security". I'm not certain if the Netgear support it. There are typically a few different ways to configure, the most secure of which is to specify which MAC address is able to communicate through each individual switch port.


You Picture left quite some details open. I have created a new graph This describes, what I understand to be your situation. In this case, assuming, you can deploy additional routes to the phones your EdgeMax has another Ethernet port free you have a spare cable you could: declare a port on SW1 as VLy untagged declare another internal network on ...


You need to set the port on the switch to accept tagged packets. This is usually accomplished by changing the port mode to trunk. On the firewall, you also need to set up packets for that subnet to be tagged as VLAN 2, and you will need to set the switch port mode to trunk. On some firewalls, you actually create a new virtual interface for the VLAN. I have ...

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