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dmidecode is now deprecated. For ESXi 5+ consider using smbiosDump.


Most of VMware machines you will find are configured to work with the last free version of VMware Workstation, namely 6. The latter means you have 2 processors limitation. In case you have a license for VMware 6.5+ you can change "hardware compatibility" (as VMware calls it), so that you can add more processors.


You are connecting to a Synology NAS. You need to go to the storage manager, then select ISCSI target. Edit the setting and allow for multiple sessions from one or more ISCSI initiators.


Ok, so I found a solution. Firstly, I had to follow the steps shown in this video, to enable root SSH access by editing sshd_config. After restarting the SSH service, I was able to connect using WinSCP and the root user credentials, and commence copying files from the datastore. Moving these VMs to a 6.0 host should hopefully be simple enough, by using ...


I've only ever used esxi 5.0 and 5.5 so not sure if its similar at all but in 5.0 and 5.5 you can log into your host, click the configuration tab for your server, locate security profile, there's a section called services, you can click properties and then enable ssh. Might be under firewall settings too. From there you should be able to ssh to the server, ...


I have had this issue too. It seems like something causes the connection from the powercli to the vcenter server to corrupt. Each time I run it after the fact produces the same error. I have to close my command window and open a brand new window to resolve the issue.

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