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I've been dealing with a scenario very similar to yours. In my case, the load average dropped after changing the IO scheduler of the problematic VM's block device to the NOOP scheduler. This scheduler is just a FIFO queue, which works well when the hypervisor will apply its own IO scheduling algorithms anyway. No need to reorder twice. With that said, I'm ...


I found these set of instructions: Windows Server 2012 on ESXi 4.1


Ideally replace the DIMM in slot F2/2 - but if you're not too worried about it then perhaps a full power-off and restart could clear the error - I'd still want to replace the DIMM though.


No, this is not directly possible, as the client know nothing about the provisioned storage. You can infer some information using specific client-side benchmarks, though.


Since you constrain this question to "enterprise use", empirically I would say that the two types are VMware based or Xen based. When you refer to LVM in the virtual machine context (NOTE: I think you mean KVM), it would most likely be the acronym for a "Kernel-Based virtual machine". I would assume that GPVM stands for "General Purpose virtual machine", ...

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