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vSphere behavior for each technology is defined in the documentation. You do, however, seem to have an incorrect view of what these technologies are designed for. Both VMWare HA and VMWare FT are designed primarily to provide availability of the guests in the event of host failures. VMWare HA If a master host is unable to communicate directly with the ...


I had this exact issue on a windows 7 32-bit physical machine doing a PtoV. Sadly the /3 GB switch was not set on the physical machine so that fix did not apply. Later after trying various permutations and combinations I found that when I reduced the CPU count on the target to 1 it failed at a different place which led me to this other KB: ...


AFAIK, The CPU difference won't stop you from adding the host to your vCenter server. I have a client that has three vSphere 4.1 hosts in a vCenter server cluster all with different CPU's. You could migrate the powered off virtual machines to a new host without connecting this host to the storage array if you have a local datastore on the other hosts that's ...


This is quite a late asnwer but here it is: I do not believe that there is any failover options for vCSA as it cannot be in linked-mode as a you said (If it is down, there is no other vCenter that would trigger a failover so you would have to do this manually. I aware that the following does not reply to your question however note that vCenter server isn't ...


It's possible for all editions from Essentials Plus and up... But it requires the vSphere Web Client. You won't see any options to do this with the Windows "thick" client.


I still haven't found this documented anywhere. But the secret seems to be to log into the console as root via SSH and running "service vmdird restart". My guesswork was aided by this VMWare KB article listing what each service is: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2054085


Just Enable VSS Services on Source Machine the Windows Server 2008; Ensure source machine is also ON then Convert using the Option "Powered On Machine"; The ESXi server needs to be standalone not connected to any clusters. Mathews

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