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I have had to do this exact same task with single NIC computers such as Intel NUCs and Apple Mac Minis that I have had running ESXi in a vSphere cluster. The underlying problem is that as the vmKernel ports are moved, connectivity with the vCenter server is lost, and as a result, the configuration is rolled back to a last-known good. This rollback is what ...


i dont know if you have already solved that but thats a bug in some part of the cisco ucs firmware. should be fixed with the newest version if u want i can send u the link


Disconnecting the VM host from the vCenter and reconnecting it also works. Obviously, when disconnecting a host you loose statistics and other data - but this works in simple scenarios.


Umm, pretty simple: The one with VMotion enabled has the necessary network and vmkernel configuration and infrastructure necessary to support VMotion. The other one lacks this configuration.

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