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VMWare KB 3371739: ESX/ESXi 3.x/4.x hosts do not support 2-terabyte LUNs (3371739) So there is a 2TB - 512kb limit and as I went over that limit by 512kb it caused issues, so I had to create VDs that were each 2097151 MB in size rather than 2097152 MB. From the KB article: Based on the standard, the largest valid LUN capacity support is (2^32)-1 ...


I don't believe there is a direct way to do this in the vCenter clients (I've searched for it previously as well). To confirm alarm actions are triggering, you can manually adjust an alarm's thresholds so that it triggers the 'failed' state, and then change the threshold back to its original value afterwards. We commonly use the Datastore usage on disk ...


I think your answer lies in your question. can ping the server form my host operating system (windows 7) only through OpenVPN software. You have to either install an OpenVPN client inside the VM and have it connect to the other network, or provide some way for the host to route the VMs traffic down the existing VPN tunnel.

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