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The Windows host with vmware workstation, you will need to create a network and add both routers 1 & 2 to the same network or same switch so that one can reach other. In this way, routers would be able to broadcast their routing table and be able to forward packets to destination.


I encountered a similar problem when setting up vCenter. When installation gets out of order, things get messy and it's best to start from scratch. I do this whenever VMware installation fails: (1) Reinstall Windows Server (2) Install any outstanding Service Pack (3) SQL Server Enterprise (4) vCenter server If you skip any steps, you'll run into mapping ...


Base on your VMware Workstation version you have to use "0" or "false". For Vmware Workstation 10 its working with these settings: tools.syncTime = "FALSE" time.synchronize.continue = "FALSE" time.synchronize.restore = "FALSE" time.synchronize.resume.disk = "FALSE" time.synchronize.shrink = "FALSE" time.synchronize.tools.startup = "FALSE" ...

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