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In XenDesktop you can setup unique machine and that machine can be cloned on the ESX. The provisioning service from xendesktop take care of the cloned AD account, SID, etc.. from these machine. Change done while the machine run is resetted at the reboot. In big the concept they use is the machine boot from the network and the unique .VHD is streamed to ...


You should look into building a VDI infrastructure. This would allow you to create some sort of template and allow users to spin up new instances of this template.


Then setup a terminal server for your users to work with. What you want to do is like multiple PCs using only one hard disk, which just can't work, at least in write mode.


If you're using the free VMware Player, you can add or edit one of the following lines in the VM's .vmx file: bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE" or bios.bootDelay = "xxxx" The first line forces the VM to go into BIOS setup on the next boot. The second line adds a delay to the initial POST screen, showing it for longer and giving you more time to access the ...

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