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Do you trust your workstations to not submit data with a fake QoS header just to get more speed? You can not avoid that but on a VLAN you can prioritize the VLAN. Also, on windows doing QoS on the workstations can be tricky ;) That said, I would say in most cases you do not even need QOS; 30 is a small number of phones and workstations.


A GSM FXO is no different to an analogue FXO in terms of operation, the difference is only in the medium for which it connects. I have one on my network which I use to connect my Analouge BT phone line into my Asterisk PBX service, so that when inbound calls come into my fixed UK land line, they get picked up by asterisk and handled appropriately. In my ...


1) can be done by changing "Asterisk Dial Options" in "Advanced features" tab. You need add S(1200) S(x): Hang up the call seconds after the called party has answered the call. 2) no, you can't in default elastic install. However you can request expert do module for such task( need add into sip_additional.conf variables and use that variables ...

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