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Yes, I think there is a possibility of networking/firewall issue or there's something that network routing is not working from the box. You should check networking in general. Or may be SIP provider is unreachable.


If the carrier won't support t.38 you'll have issues, most don't and act like you are crazy for asking. g.711 can work but will probably give you headaches. Best solution is get an analog line for fax only or look into a carrier that offers t.38 ( If fax is important just get a POTS line for each fax machine and be ...


Right now, you only have 1 extension defined in your [test] context ... Extension 20. If you want to be able to place calls between 200 and 201, you'd need to have something like the following: [test] exten => 20,1, Answer() same => n, Playback(hello-world) same => n, Hangup() exten => 20[01], Verbose(2,Call for Extension ${EXTEN}) same =&...


Your best small based voip system is Asterisk. The only issue is that it doesnt have a gui. If you use freepbx it runs asterisk with a gui and gives you alot more customizing options.

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