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I don't know whether or not it's an official "best practice" or not, but it's certainly common. I've never heard of it causing an issue at any of my workplaces. We were not using roaming profiles, but we were using network-intensive applications and performing software installs via the network, and, again, we never had any report of slowness due to a call ...


VOIP. Voice over IP. It requires quite a few more things to be configured than plugging a phone into ethernet, but that puts you in the neighborhood.


port 5060 is only for setting up the call. All the actual voice traffic is on a range of ports which varies. You need to setup port based QOS for the port your SIP devices are connected on.


You have a layer-3 switch... This can be accomplished by enabling routing on the switch. Create a VLAN interface and IP address on the voice VLAN. Your default gw for anything that needs to communicate across VLANs should be that interface ip. Same for the data network. Your default gateway should be the switch. Add helper-addresses in the voice VLAN for ...

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