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A quick search would yield you a result for Internet Connection Sharing. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770507(v=ws.10).aspx


That sounds like unusual way to do it, but given the inside/outside split resolution magic they've implemented, I can see why it makes sense (now that I think about it). It's unlikely that the EC2 DNS resolvers would answer requests from a foreign IP address, but there should be an easy workaround. For example, if your IP address on the vpn is 192.168.2.*, ...


Any number of VPN products would do pretty much exactly what you want. (OpenVPN would be what I'd use, personally.) One side would run as the VPN server and the other as the client. You'll need the the appropriate port open on the firewall on the server side to receive incoming connections. If that's a non-starter you could always introduce a third ...

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