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I couldn't use my tplink Access Control Rule Management to block access from one internal ip to another. Only to external ip's. You may consider adding another hardware router, and then it should work.


Compare sys.dm_os_wait_stats polls between a period of simulated high network latency and an identical period of normal network latency (for the same client load and the same database statistics). For example, the following script can be used to compare [wait_rate (ms/Sec)] for the 'ASYNC_NETWORK_IO' [wait_type]. Differences measured in X to low XX % are ...


5000Kms at the speed of light would be ~17ms latency. Down optical fibre, more like 25ms. And that's a best case server-to-server fibre with no delays for media conversion, switching, routing, server response, etc. Minimum is 25ms, guaranteed maximum 50ms... yes there are tools to simulate a slow link, e.g. http://jagt.github.io/clumsy/ - a Windows ...

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