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I would recommend that you look over Deploy Windows To Go in Your Organization and Create Windows-To-Go drives in a simple Factory mode. Pushing an image to a USB drive with MDT does not make a Windows To Go workspace, you need to use the Windows To Go Creator Wizard or use PowerShell.


As explained in the TechNet Magazine article "AdminSDHolder, Protected Groups and SDPROP", Active Directory "protects" members of a set of "protected groups". Every 60 minutes, the Directory Service Agent runs a background job that: Identifies all "protected" objects. These objects will then have their AdminCount attribute set to a value of 1 For each ...


Since I posted this I've come into the problem many times, and in nearly all of them it was Scope Options Having any of the following options set caused problems, 60, 66, 67. In the case of only 60 being set it still allowed connection to an SCCM PXE point outside of the subnet with IP Helpers enabled but failed at providing a boot image. In addition I've ...

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