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AFAIK, you can't capture the image to a network location, only to a locally attached drive (the captured image will be uploaded to the WDS server after the capture). If the volume you're capturing is large enough you can capture the image to the volume that's being captured, which would eliminate the need to attach an external USB drive to the source ...


I tested with a usb3 thumb drive with a SSD controller and it is faster than on the external hard drive it seams it is a material limitation.


I would recommend using MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) to handle this automatically. It has a user account page for user defined account(s). It will place the created user(s) into a var(s). You can run a command (from cmd or powershell) using that var. Or if you're really into unattend.xml you can have it integrated into the unattend.xml file when it is ...

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