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If it is actually your server (or even one you rent - as long as you have root/admin access) sure! If it is a shared hosting account, or a fully managed server and you don't have root/admin access, then sadly no. Most webhosting accounts are shared hosting. If you're not sure which it is, you probably have shared hosting.


DNS translates host names to IP addresses only. It cannot forward ports or URLs. The simplest solution would be to run the application on your server on port 80 and run in the ROOT context. Make the home page one of the defaults or override it as defined in the Tomcat FAQs. Your domain provider generally provides basic DNS services and you should be able ...


Is that something you would recommend? Sure, if it makes sense for your situation. what are the pros and cons? You could save money by hosting multiple websites on one server. One server also acts as a single point of failure. You'll also lose the ability to scale the websites independently. Can you recommend the best approach to configure AWS to ...

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