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So your main concern is that compromised one account cannot do anything bad to other accounts. PHP and file permissions If PHP is configured to run as different user for each domain, then your directories should set-up such that it doesn't have write access to anything outside its own domain. Then using PHP (or any other commands invoked via PHP) it can't ...


You can change the CNAME to an A record to point to your server. What if the visitors visit without www (naked domain?). You said in your question, in at least two places, that you wanted to move the www subdomain.


Unless you have a VPS or dedicated server with Bluehost then you will not be able to install it. This requires root access and they will not likely install it on a shared hosting platform. If you do have a vps/dedi then this like should show you how to set it up, but its not supported by cpanel. ...

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