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If you are the ISP, then no, your customer are liable to be secure. For the email, if you relay for your customer like a lot of ISP do, you can scan the outgooing email to be sure to block at your level before transfering too much. So as you can see where I work the customer is liable for is security and we try to protect ourselft and our bandwidth to ...


If you have cphulk enabled then it will by default block you after 5 failed logins. And unblock you after a waiting period of 15 minutes.


Godaddy or any other hosting service has its own experts to maintain their server and they have applied many technologies to speed up hosting services and relief their customers headache. Secondly it depends upon the connection and hardware you have at home. After comparing your hardware, software, expertise you have, to those which godaddy has. You will ...


Amazon now make available a complete list of their IP address blocks in JSON format here: https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json. You can use that to create rules to block all of those addresses. How you do that will depend on exactly how your website is set up, but it would be a lot easier if you had your own server or virtual server that you could ...

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