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You will need to create a DNS record for the local server. When you have done this, your client will need to point their mail clients at the new DNS record to access email. Inbound email for the domain will need to be routed via your domain's MX records. Example: The A record for example.com will point to the webhost. The A record for mail.example.com ...


You can use VPN service with port forwarding support for this. Here is example https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/ although you can't enable it for 80 port but it will work with the port they provide.


The Chinese are scanning / attacking everything, everywhere. For the sites I run, I don't want any Chinese or African traffic - there's no reason for it, and so I consider any hits from there as an attack. To accomplish the ban, I created a table to store IPs that hit the sites, and a php script that uses the geoplugin API to identify the origin of the IP. ...

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