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The IP address that accessed your site is passed in CloudFlare's own CF-Connecting-IP header. You should always use this instead of X-Forwarded-For, as that can be supplied by the user and contain untrustworthy information.


CloudFlare passes an X-Forwarded-For http header with its requests to your origin server, giving the original IP address of the requester. You can log that header at your end if you want to.


Disable shared config on all servers - this will result in them being temporarily separated and each storing their own config - this is OK. Export the iisConfigurationKey and iisWasKey from web01 and import on all other servers - these encryption keys need to be synchronized across the farm for shared config to work. If you built the other servers by ...


Your IP address is, I got this by looking up your hostname in the DNS. dig ... ;; ANSWER SECTION: 600 IN A A reverse lookup on that IP address shows dig -x ; ANSWER SECTION: 21599 IN PTR Using ...

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