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SBS--at least, SBS08--comes with some default policies for XP and Vista that detect the OS via WMI. It's hard to say based on your question, but my suspicion is that something is misfiring in one of these policies (perhaps a conflict with another policy?).


If it's only a lab or something non-productive, it would be also possible installing a forward proxy using ARR on the domain controllers to get them forwarding all Port 80 traffic to the external Web servers. Read this Forum post to get an idea of how to implement that. ARR (application request routing) is also available for Server 2008.


This is very dangerous to have all Joomla! files and directories writable for webserver. If any bug in Joomla! or in some extension, the attacker will be able to remove/change/delete any file through the random exploit (utilizing the bug in PHP code). Instead of this, all files should be only readable by web server (ie: owner should be root or the normal ...

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