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In order to fix this issue, most likely caused by Reverse Proxy with Shiny-server and Apache. Add the disable_websockets true; as shown below. **NOTE: ** This seems to only work with newer versions of Shiny-Server (Shiny Server Professional v1.2.0 i believe). # Define the user we should use when spawning R Shiny processes run_as shiny; disable_websockets ...


I solved it using a nginx webproxy with an ssh tunnel. Assuming my service on A is running on port 3000, from A, I did: ssh -R 3000:localhost:3000 me@B to set up a reverse connection from port 3000 on B to port 3000 on A. I then set up a nginx proxy to forward both websocket and regular traffic to the ssh port, with the following configuration: events { ...

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