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One aspect of security with VLANs that Verizon may be (but I doubt it) thinking of, is that they allow/cause you to separate your network into logical (virtual) segments. If you have hosts on VLAN 29 and other hosts on VLAN 45, then those networks cannot talk to each other without being routed, so the traffic will be localized to that particular VLAN. This ...


A VLAN will allow you to use a single physical Ethernet link between two locations to carry traffic of multiple logically separate Ethernet segments. For example suppose at location A you have hosts A1 and A2 and at location B you have hosts B1 and B2. You have a single Ethernet cable between the two locations through which A1 will need to communicate with ...


The feature you are looking for is "policy based routing" (PBR), so you have to find a router that support it. Product recommendation is off-topic here, but among the various options, you can use a free network OS like VyOs It runs on any x64 platform.

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