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The easyiest solution is to use one router as gateway ( for example G router ) GW will run the DHCP , maybe DNS, and will take care of routing and NATing on the N router you should disable DHCP, set IP from the range of G router and interconnect them like this : LAN G <-> LAN N also you need to corretly set up wifi - you can set up same SSID and ...


Some more advanced router options are only accessible through telnet. You should be able to telnet your router's IP (e.g. telnet and access those from the command line.


You'll need a transparent proxy and/or a firewall behind your router. With this you can monitor and control your environment. There are hundreds of commercial and open source solutions for this.


You can't. Hostapd needs low-level access to the wireless NIC, it's not something you can do over the network from a different machine (I don't see the point, and latency won't allow it anyway). What you can do though is tell Hostapd to use a bridge (it has a specific configuration directive for this) that includes the Ethernet card of the server; that way ...


WiFi gives you 300 MBps only in theory. In practice it will give you way lesser bandwidth. And the more far the receiver will be from the transmitter - the lesser the bandwidth will be. $20 802.11n router is a piece of crap by design. Decent routers start from $200. $6 client adapter ... do you still believe in miracles ? You just painted out the perfect ...


There are many mesh style Wi-Fi systems that are built to do this like open mesh or ubiquity unifi, but your setup would theoretically work, save the part regarding the channels. You want all the aps to be hardcoded onto different channels so as not to cause interference.


It is sufficient to give all the APs identical wireless settings (SSID, password, security, protocols), but different channels. That way, as long as you have the APs on the same physical network (and only one DHCP server in that network!), your devices should automatically start roaming from one AP to another. Note that the setup needs to be identical ...

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