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The problem you have is using rid idmap. This uses an algorithm to generate a random number for the UID between the limits that you set in the range, which will always be different between hosts. What you need is the ads idmap, however, this means that the id's need to exist in AD and ldap. If you are only concerned about accessing the UNIX groups and basic ...


As it turns out, the default lock directory (/var/lock) - caused with ' --PREFIX="" ' at compilation time - gets filled up by the samba locking mechanism. This is a tmpfs of 5MB, and the usual lock size is 3MB or more. I suggest to change the default directory to an unused path. For example: lock directory = /var/samba


I believe you can accomplish this in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file. If your local Linux permissions are correct, you can use the "force group" string to make sure you're connecting with the correct group membership. What tends to throw people off is that the user may already be a member of the local Linux group, but as far as SMB is concerned, the group you ...

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