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No you will not be able to access its contents. This is the entire point of Bitlocker.


You need more than 512 MBs of RAM to boot a wim. WIM files are RAMdisk files so they need at least as much RAM as the file is big. Look at your WIM file and use that as the base amount of RAM to use with your machine. You should always add buffer space to the VM for processing at boot time. Some configurations are made and the only place to store them in a ...


@Bigbio2002, this does not log off users. The Disconnect Clients when Logon Hours Expire is for servers - when users are connected with SMB, this setting will disconnect users connected to that server. It does not log off interactive Windows sessions. The best way to do this is to set up a GPO with a Scheduled Task that logs off the user. ...

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