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Using Group Policy Management Console (Windows 2008/Windows7 RSAT): User or Computer policy Administrative Templates > Removable Storage You can either set both policies for "Removable Disks..." or "All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access" If you want to ensure it is disable for local account access, it should be a computer policy.


I copied the old policy to a new name and unlinked the default policy. You link disabled the Default Domain Policy? Not a best practice, not recommended, probably not even supported. Would explain why it is missing from RSOP and your erratic results. You may want to use the DCGPOFix tool to repair the DDP. ...


For usb stick; - The CSE for new group policy preference must be installed on your server Install RSAT on a windows 7 computer From there you will be able to use a GPP to achieve your goal. Open GPMC, User configuration, policy, administrative template, system, removable storage media, enable/disable For anything else, disregard my answer, as I think you ...

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