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It's a SID, or Security Identifier. If it's showing the string rather than a "friendly name," it sounds like the new server doesn't recognize the account.


Set the service to manual start. In the same script that you run to copy the files, start the service. This script can be run by the task scheduler as any user.


If it's an AD account, then by "network hiccup" I would mean that windows is having trouble looking up the account, which sometimes happens when there's a connectivity issue. It might also be that your account doesn't have the privileges to look up a domain account (being a local account, perhaps?). However, my Adobe Flash Player Updater on my ...


I know this thread is 3 years old but here is a solution I found. For some reason, winexe's '--interactive=1' does not behave like psexec's '-i' option. With winexe, the user will still have to accept an 'Interactive service detection' dialog. A possible solution is: 1 - using smbclient or CIFS shares to upload psexec to the windows machine. 2 - ...


Use encrypted volumes with a 3rd party encryption utility like TrueCrypt. This is the only way to prevent an admin from having access to data it should not have. It is sufficient against an honest admin, but it is not sufficient against a malicious admin, which could still install key-loggers or use remote access tools to view the volume content while a ...

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