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I tested with a usb3 thumb drive with a SSD controller and it is faster than on the external hard drive it seams it is a material limitation.


Use automatic unlock with the key assigned to a user/group in Active Directory? In the Bitlocker FAQ, section What is Bitlocker? How does it work? Active Directory Account or Group. A key can be assigned to an Active Directory user, group, or computer account and when those credentials are presented the drive will be unlocked. Using this key protector ...


We ran into the same issue. USB Drive Letter Manager is a decent tool to use, it'll 'reserve' certain drive letters. Be aware that you do need to pay for commercial use. Otherwise, you might be able to do this with Powershell v3's New-PSDrive -Persist switch?


https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/555631 http://www.isunshare.com/windows-password-recovery.html I keep reading your summary and I just don't get it. Are you scared of data loss if the password is changed? Not to be demeaning, but your the administrator. This should be an easy task. If the fear of data loss is your main concern, back up your ...


If you use a public VPN (VPN with checkbox for all users) you can connect to a VPN server at logon time. When you select this option, you will also be able to establish a WiFi connection. This really is the way to go for this kind of scenario.


What I've always done is use my domain administrator account to log in on the new machine, set up the VPN, wait for the GPOs and software packages (anti-virus, remote administration agent) to propagate, and then ship to the remote worker. Basically, do what you always did, except just use your own account. I know that Windows 8 will happily allow connection ...


Before "playing" with Registry-Hacks try to build an GPO with group policy preferences in the folder settings. You can set default programs to open file typs here.

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