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I had this problem also on one of my windows 8.1 pro workstations using a shared printer slaved to a win 7 pro wrkstn. My other win 8.1 pro wkstn worked fine. After deleted and adding the printer back for weeks, I stumbled across a long list of IPV6 errors when I ran ipconfig on the problem PC. Since we don't really use the IPV6 protocol in the office I ...


The Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 .admx files are one and the same, so you should be able to fully manage Windows 8.1 clients from your Server 2012 R2 domain controller's GPO/ADMX store.


Onedrive cloud backup integration.


Nothing, the only real "functional" loss is that computers will no longer sync the application and user configurations across machines, and some software from the store will prompt for credentials when run.


features of Windows will not work unless a Microsoft Account is used? None. You only lose features of various software, and 99% of that is conveniences that nobody will miss. You lose the "Store" completely, and applications like "Weather" need to have the location configured (they can't just pull that data from your account). Are their any gotchas ...


There are two main settings you'll want to configure: First, you'll want to enable No auto-restart with logged on users for schedules automatic updates installations. This setting will ensure that the computer will never automatically restart for update installation if a user is logged on, effectively preventing anyone getting interrupted in the middle of ...


I have never used the pools members to filter what clients use which pools, but my quick suggestion is to simply make sure the clients you want to use a specific pool are prevented from using other pools, so that there should be no possibility of the clients getting address from a pool other than the one you want. So deny 'dlc' from using your main pool.


Check if there crash dump file in windows folder (%SystemDrive%:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP or file in \Windows\MiniDump) with corresponding date. If file is there, you can analyze it with WinDbg (Open crash dump and !analyze) and see why system not starting.


This was due to the fact by default neither the NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SERVICE have permissions to read from the directory where my service executable resides. I needed to grant them read privileges on the folder (at the very least).


Go to services (windows key-> search for services, or open control panel and search for services in the search box in the top right hand corner) Find "Cygwin-sshd" in the list of services. Double click on the service and chose the "Logon" tab. In the box next to "This account" you will see something like the following: hostname/cyg_server where hostname is ...


This is a tricky thing to do. Basically, you can install windows from HDD, but it should be dedicated for the installer (marked as bootable just as you would do it with USB drive installation) In your specific case (you have Windows 8.1 and without USB no real option to reformat drive), maybe you will try to install win2012 server over network with PXE if ...

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