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Windows Small Business Server 2008 is the Microsoft operating system in the SBS line based on Windows Server 2008. It went RTM August 21st, 2008 and officially launched November 12th, 2008. Like the rest of the SBS line, it includes a number of Microsoft products bundled with it, the tradeoff being that the number of users is limited and some functionality useful for larger organizations is disabled.

It is available in two editions, Standard and Premium, both of which are 64 bit only. Unlike its predecessor, ISA Server (Microsoft's firewall and proxy product) is no longer bundled in SBS 2008, and is not supported on the network edge, so it must be put behind a network device, such as a firewall or proxy appliance. There is also no upgrade path from any of its predecessors, as a result of moving from a 32 bit architecture to a 64 bit architecture.

Notable bundled products include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • 120-day trial subscriptions of Forefront Security for Exchange and Windows Live OneCare for Server
  • SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition (premium edition only)

Notable difference between SBS 2008 and Server 2008 include:

  • A very different administration and management console, focused on "wizards"
  • 75 user limit
  • A requirement that the SBS server be the root Domain Controller, holding all FSMO roles, and an inability to create trust relationships with other domains or forests
  • No ability to configure multiple NICs

More information is available at Wikipedia's Small Business Server page.

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