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Several repeated attempts with 3.0 SP2 linked in the question and lots of SQL/ Regitry & Server/ IIS settings and nothing worked. I must've read 100s of articles, blog posts and the downloaded SP2 would just not get installed despite lots of manual hacks / registry/ DB changes/ permissions / folder and file manipulations. I will post more links of ...


What's going on? am i just stupid? have i missed something? This is most likely a result of the Bypass Traverse Checking user right, which every domain user account is granted by default. Bypass Traverse Checking allows a user to traverse a directory structure to which they don't have permission to get to a directory that they do have permission. It sounds ...


I had this issue on UNC query from webservers to document servers in workgroup of both Windows 2008 and 2012 servers. First call of the day could take over 60 seconds, subsequent calls were about 200 mSecs. Solved the problem by disabling TCP/IPv6 on the internal NIC's.

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