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We solved this issue by running the following command on our domain server: nltest /sc_change_pwd:<fqdn> Afterwards we had to restart the server.


You may consider Exchange Server Deployment Assistance a web based application just you have to select what kind of deployment you were interested and then its provide you step-wise instructions to get this job done: However, you may also check this to understand in more details on exchange migration to office 365 via cutover migration Moreover, you may ...


You need to start from scratch on Office 365 and perform a cutover migration following the detailed step-by-step instructions here. You will need to obtain a valid public SSL certificate and ensure that autodiscover and outlook anywhere (RPC over https) are correctly set up and working. You can test this at http://exrca.com. If you're unable to make this ...


Ok, so it looks like you have duplicated SID's in your network If you used sysprep without generalize option or some third-party software to create "golden-image", it left initial SID intact. So, when you installed win7 on new pc's they got same SID's for each machine and now having problems authenticating computers accounts (because sid must be unique in ...

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