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Thanks for all the comments and questions. In the end I wasn't able to find out what was going wrong with seizing the domain. I brought the old controller back online after salvaging a power supply, and everything seems to be fine so far. If anything breaks, I guess I will have to create a new domain.


Run Disk2Vhd inside the VM. It uses the volume snapshot capabilities of Windows to make a copy of the hard drive and write it to a VHD. From there, you are free to use that VHD on your new VM, or convert as needed. When you first boot up the VM, do not allow it to access the network. Change the ...


VMware allows to create VM images from physical machines - you could try to create an image from a the VM and then move it to another physical server. I've never tried to use it with with virtual machines, so I'm not sure if it will work, but it's worth a try. It works with VMware ESx hyper-visor, but usually it's easy to convert a VM image to another type (...


You need a manager service working like websphere node agent. You can write a script about checking status of application server service in a fixed time interval. Then install script as a windows service. If somehow service of application server is not running, the script starts it again.


Have you thought about creating groups inside the server and then applying GPO to them? That's the easiest way I can think of.

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