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My opinion is, when supported, an in-place upgrade of a Windows Server OS to a newer version is the preferred method for upgrading a server (especially a VM) these days. Not only is it much quicker, and allows for greater automation, but it also no longer holds as much risk vs. reward that older OS in-place upgrades represented due to Microsoft's support of ...


Lots of direct logging in Windows DNS:


Start a packet capture on the old box with wireshark with a filter like: dns and ip.dst==ip_of_your_server or dns and ip.src==ip_of_your_server


AD replication honors Replication Interval set on the Site Link between two sites. Which can have minimum interval of 15 minutes. But to you can enable Change Notification for site links. To do this: Open ADSIEdit.msc. In ADSI Edit, expand the Configuration container. Expand Sites, navigate to the Inter-Site Transports container, and select CN=IP. Note:...

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