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You can't link a GPO directly to a user or computer. You link a GPO to an OU where the user or computer account "lives", or to the domain if the user or computer account are in the default Users or Computers containers. You can use Security Filtering on the GPO to apply it to a specific user or computer account.


Since you primarily seem to be focused on having an encrypted telnet session, my suggestion for a alternative would be to use a tool like stunnel. Stunnel is a TLS proxy that allows you to add TLS/SSL on top of simple tcp protocols (like telnet). You get all the benefits of encryption, and authentication provided by certificates. The challenge with ...


This is the issue described in KB2617046: if you disable and then enable a scheduled task, duplicate triggers are created. The task properties still shows only one trigger, but you can see that the task is triggered multiple times simultaneously in the task history. There is a hotfix available from Microsoft. The hotfix says it is for Vista, but it works on ...

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