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Use another backup solution. rdiff-backup got its last update in 2009. Also their website clearly states Many users seem to use rdiff-backup on MS Windows but this configuration is less well tested. That's not what you want.


No, not unless you re-build the MSI (with third-party software). What you can do is distribute the file with Group Policy Preferences, or even with a computer startup script. I strongly suggest GPP, as it's very easy to set up.


The downsides to installing the driver is that it could cause instability on the server if it's not solid, and like other drivers, will have to be updated/patched as necessary. Other than that it won't hurt.


What kind of server is it? A web server? If you install the new certificate, it should work. When a certificate is signed, it is available to use right away. Clients connecting to the server will authenticate the certificate as long as they have the signing authority certificate installed as a trusted CA (i.e. it was signed by a certified signing ...


Hyper-V on 2012 and 2012 R2 has built-in replication of virtual machines. Just enable it and replicate the VM's.

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