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Not a full answer, but have found enough to determine what is causing the problem. I created a new user account, and when logged on for the first time, it too experienced the same issue with sites not showing in IE, even though the GPO was applied. I found in HKCU InternetSettings\ZoneMap, there is a key called IEHarden (remembered the name back from my ...


good answer! Worked for me. Ensure you can ping down upstream servers Double check all your settings within the Options within WSUS


WSUS uses it's own settings. I have used this exact setup on several networks. WSUS pulls from an upstream server, approve the updates you want on your network, Windows Update Service queries WSUS and only downloads/installs those updates you approved.


The article at suggests that you download the root certificates with rootsupd.exe, available at I'm surprised though that the exe is not signed.Use at your own risk.

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