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Using a plain old batch file for this is going to prove tedious and cumbersome. Instead consider doing your script in something like VBscript (included in XP) or Powershell (probably would require installation). Rough VBscript example: Dim fso, drv Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set drv = fso.GetDrive("C:") IF drv.FreeSpace / (1024 ...


The command is: ping -a localhost


While you can't specify the ID that is used with the AT command, you can use this script to identify the ID that your AT scheduled task is using so you can delete it from a batch file: Set sCommand=ScheduledCommand.cmd :LOOP AT>AT.txt findstr /I %sCommand% AT.txt>nul If %ErrorLevel%==1 Goto CONTINUE FOR /F %%i IN ('findstr /I %sCommand% AT.txt') DO ...

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