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http://www.itechtics.com/download-internet-explorer-all-versions provided http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/C/0/CC0BD555-33DD-411E-936B-73AC6F95AE11/IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe which did work. Consider that as a less roundabout way than coming at it via windows update.


I know this is old, but in case it helps others. I had this same issue. I ended up getting the Bitsadmin.exe from the Vista Service Pack 1 (extracted it from one of the cabs in the SP). Running Bitsadmin /util /version /verbose returned an error for the IBackgroundCopyJobHttpOptions interface. I checked the bits files to ensure they were the correct ...


Possible - Yes Advisable - No Check your watch, it's 2015 dude! XP's not supported at all, this site's for professional sysadmins, who inherently build and use supportable systems.


You need a server OS for this or if you NEED to use WinXP, there might be some third party programs out there to do it, however, I don't recommend that. A Windows Server or corporate firewall (ASA, Dell SonicWall) can also take care of that for you.


Ok so this is what happened, ultimately.... To answer the questions, yes this machine did resolve properly to the address. I did the nbtstat -R and ipconfig /flushdns options, still the same results. Here's what had to be done. It's long and winded. First thing - remove the machine from the domain. Second thing - remove that computer's ...


I'm not sure that this does answer the question / problem, as I've just encountered this same issue, in Windows 10! I had a folder called 'Desktop' located on the 'Desktop'. Never had a problem with this until I ran a system restore tonight and the folder disappeared. I had run the System Restore as I'd be playing around with location of libraries and needed ...

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