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For me this commands works fine, try this, it will delete all temp files cd \ Del *.tmp /s


Check this There is -Oldpassword param which along with -Newpassword param can achieve this. Remember if you are not a Domain Admin then you need to know the old pwd to do this. Plus when you use the -Oldpassword param ,dont use -reset param.


I see that there are many ssl infos available in PHP: With java i mean systems like tomcat / jetty etc. Javascript is client side. And an additional proxy for moving bots to another server is stupid because he could if you could detect bots.


The whole proxy and pre hello inspection is not needed. You allow on the server also the less secure suites and protocols. In the next step you check what ciphersuite was negotiated (possible in java and php) and depending on the suite you show an large red Alert flag. With client hello inspection you can limit the fallback to certain known client ...

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