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There is an alternative to using the event log and such, unless you need to go back in time from this point. How about pinging it on a regular basis (scripted) or using some sort of network monitoring software (like nagios)? That's how we tell when servers are up and down.


Although not meant for monitoring remote Windows PCs, but if anyone is interested in monitoring Windows Embedded Compact devices (or WinCE devices) from their PC remotely, the Remote Task Monitor is a good option. http://www.remotetaskmonitor.com/ The thing I found helpful was being able to remotely restart the device, and get CPU usage alerts and emails ...


The problem is not the IKE Phase 1 configuration, but the Local Policy in the connection settings (not shown in my question). The Local Policy must be the public interface IP in my case, and it wasn't. The log message is misleading, but the USG was actually warning me about that problem, however I decided fixing that warning was a second step and IKE Phase 1 ...


A couple of things that you can try with Group Policy are the following: -Set up a fake proxy, and add the internal servers URLS in the "Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses" list. This can be easily circunvent if your users manage to install another browser that is not affected by group policies. -You can add a bogus route to, and then ...

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