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Sorry to respond to such an old question - I'm sure the above answers and comments are a good solution - but I'd like to point to tnef (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tnef/ and https://github.com/verdammelt/tnef) which perhaps could be used to script a solution. (Full disclosure: I am the author/maintainer of that tool).


One way you can check is to see if you have any remote domains configured under your Organization configuration =>Hub transport in the Exchange Management console. In there should typically be the default setting for all domains but if you have any additional domains set here they will override the default settings and use those for traffic destin for those ...


The little I know of this issue is that this happens normally when someone with Outlook Client sends an email in "Outlook Rich Text" format. (Available to change from Tools|Options| Mail Format|Internet Format). A non-Outlook client can't read this and just has an email with winmail.dat as an attachment. We fixed this for people by making the default ...


Some searching over the last few minutes reveals that a lot of people are using Outlook Express or Thunderbird to do this kind of conversion by downloading the messages and then moving them back to the IMAP server. If you have just a few mailboxes to do that might end up being the path of least resistance. It looks, to me, like you're going to either be ...

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