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WinSCP itself (unless they fixed in the lasts version?) is dreadfully slow compared to others, I'd recommend Filezilla over WinSCP, MUCH faster for ssh file transfers compared to winscp.


WinSCP uses PuTTY code internally. So there should not be any difference in an encryption algorithm selected. Though WinSCP employs some optimizations on top of the PuTTY code, particularly larger internal and network buffers. That helps in certain cases to achieve a better throughput. Some references: http://winscp.net/tracker/show_bug.cgi?id=615 ...


Pscp has no -c switch to select a cipher like scp on *nix. To get around this you can save your destination host as a putty session, which allows you to change the cipher selection order. Blowfish tends give better performance than the default AES.

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