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The exact answer will depend on the workload. Performance If you get another VPS with the same specs as the first, you will have twice the memory, twice the CPU, twice the disk, and twice the network. If you are able to utilize all those resources, you may get better performance from two VPS than doubling just the memory of your current. However if you ...


You need to ask some questions about your current Apache configuration before you can begin troubleshooting the performance: What worker process are you using in Apache? Pre-fork or MPM(threaded)? Are these workers configured correctly in your apache.conf? What happens if you change some of the values? (does performance increase when you add more idle ...


Mixed content means that while you are connected over https some of the page elements such as images or linked CSS files and fonts are fetched using http - use the right click 'inspect element' on images and also look in the CSS files, for the redirect loop you can disable USE_SSL = true in wp_config file to FALSE. hope that helps.

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