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You should be able to find it through: $ cat /etc/xensource-inventory DEFAULT_SR_PHYSDEVS='dev/sda3' It should be using lvm. Depending on the version and the state of the volumes, you may want to run: # pvscan PV /dev/sdb1 VG sas01 lvm2 [558.37 GiB / 228.37 GiB free] PV /dev/sda5 VG kvm01-vg lvm2 [237.63 GiB / 0 free] Total: 2 [796.00 ...


This is normal behavior of XenServer. All the metadata for the image (VDI) is in the Xapi database files, not in the image files themselves. Note that the UUIDs of images are also gone, so no matter if you've imported diskless VMs back from old hosts or recreated them from scratch, there's no way to Xapi to find which VDI belongs to which VM. Same goes for ...

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