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Came across this post on the xenserver site. Essentially: Clean up patches once they are applied Watch for /var/log filling up Watch for /tmp Includes a handy script to notify you when disks are filling up


Best practice to install it on separate hardware, then XenServers it manages. Because if you do that on host it manages and it goes down you will have additional trouble salvaging your xencenter vm, before starting to work on host problem.


It's best to build the source RPM with rpmbuild, or better yet with mock as this tool will keep the build environment clean and separate from the system it's running on, by performing everything in a chroot. This does not need to be done on the actual system which the final RPMs are intended for; you can always spin up a virtual machine running the same ...


Ok so it turns out this is a bug with the bxe driver in FreeBSD 10.0-Release specifically The bxe(4) driver can cause packet corruption when TSO (TCP Segmentation Offload) feature is enabled. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by using a -tso parameter of ifconfig(8). It can be specified in rc.conf(5) like the following: ...

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