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I had the same problem, in fact, your file is probably not readable by "others" in NFS server. Allowing read at least solved completely the problem!


Re-enable HA put off the autostart on the VM, and disable HA after. HA is off at one of my customer, and HA still pop'ed two VM up last shutdown, so I remarked that the setting was still on/active somehow on the host. To show where it's please see the below picture, HA is off but the restart policy is at on. That VM will restart if the host will shutdown, ...


Its a display bug/by design from citrix. As when the xencenter cant communicate with the xentool in the virtualmachine when the machine boot it display that by default. It could have display unknown, but the designer decided to display the message that its not installed. When the machine is loaded and the xentool service is up, this is when the message ...


I did a upgrade in the past and if Xen7 is compatible with your hardware you simply update over your old install. The datastore will be re-detected. (if you have a datastore separated from the Xen OS). The VM will ask to update the xentool after. In your case you need a three step upgrade, see that chart; Version Direct upgrade to XenServer 7.0? ...

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