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Thanks for the downvotes! Found the answer myself. You don't need more than one NIC on the XenServer host Use OpenBSD 5.9 [I was using 5.8] Allow Intel NIC emulation, as per Or: [root@XenServer ~]# [root@XenServer ~]# cd /root/ [root@XenServer ~]# wget ...


It would be useful that you post the contents of your /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf and /etc/mail_alert.conf files. Anyway, have you tried to include UseTLS=YES in /etc/mail_alert.conf?


Your drivers will be in legacy mode, simply as that. An actual example from the competitor is like the e1000 (legacy) or vmxnet3 (optimised) in esx. I manage some pool and with xendesktop its hard to stay uptodate with the xentool. (you have to reimage a virtual machine from the pvs to a machine on the xen and reapply the update and reimage back...) Thus ...


I'm fairly certain that XenServer uses the weak host model, which explains the behavior you're seeing. You probably have two options: Configure the XenServer to use the strong host model, if possible. Assign a different ip address to the interface in question. For an explanation of the strong and weak host models, have a read here: ...

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