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I know this is a bit of an old post - I'm having a similar problem with Solaris 11.2. Dual port HBA, and one of these new fancy 16Gb jobbies, and even worse - it appears they've given me a CNA, not a pure FC HBA. Wonderful.... Like you, QLC works fine, QLT says no. I've done dozens of 11.2's on regular non-branded QLogic 8Gb cards, never had any issues ...


I'm not familiar enough with NFS to know what specific locking issues you may be referencing, but I generally hear that OpenAFS works better with whole-file locks, yes. However, OpenAFS does not work well with byte-range locks across different machines (that is, locking certain byte ranges in a file, as opposed to locking entire files). If you are only ...


Your assumptions are correct. The difference between using a ZVOL and file-backed md(4), from the user point of view, is not that big. Mostly that ZVOL will always be there, and the md disks need to be reattached after reboot. As for growing - both ZVOL and file-backed md disks "grow" automatically, ie are sparse. The geli manual recommends overwriting ...


It depends. There probably isn't a more specific answer without more specific information about the anticipated hardware setup, the RAID level, the quantity and type of disks, the reason for a failure, etc... I'd usually take a well-designed ZFS solution over a consumer NAS solution, but again, the details matter.


It looks that Alex Reece works on implementing the feature in the OpenZFS project: OpenZFS Device Removal blog. Thorough ZFS in Solaris and OpenZFS are two different projects (see Wikipedia: ZFS).

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