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My general rule of thumb is that if the errors are continuing to rise unexpectedly, the disk needs replaced; if it's static, there might have been some transient condition that caused the error, and the system's not reproducing the conditions that caused problems. A few checksum errors doesn't necessarily indicate anything bad mechanically with the drive (...


The general advice for this is to maximize your system RAM (ARC), and then add L2ARC if the need is there. This can be measured using the arcstat command in your server. Something like: -f "time,read,hit%,hits,miss%,miss,arcsz,c" 1 Where the output shows the time number of reads/second, the hit ratio, the number of hits/misses, and the ...


Having those errors across multiple drives seems to indicate a backplane/controller/cabling problem more than a disk or RAM issue.


Your pool black currently consists of two mirrored WD10JFCX drives, which according to Western Digital's spec sheet are: 5400 rpm (rotational latency about 5 ms on average, 11 ms worst case) 16 MB cache 1 TB 2.5" form factor SATA 6 Gb/s (SATA 3) Neither the 5400 rpm rotation speed nor the puny 16 MB on-drive cache is conducive to highest performance, and ...

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