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The issue with any system that gets too full is to find the next free space to write into. ZFS and any system that is copy-on-write can be especially susceptible to this issue as well as any log based system where there is a background process to clear the now-unused data after it was overwritten in principle but the new data was actually written somewhere ...


Solaris 11 ZFS uses NFSv4 ACLs rather than POSIX ACLs. Linux doesn't have NFSv4 ACLs on ZFS at all, and seems like it never will. While NFSv4 ACLs are a superset of POSIX ACLs, seems like only Solaris can transfer/translate POSIX ACLs to NFSv4 ones during file moving/copying. So, concluding, I don't see a way to preserve ACL in ZFS snapshots. Either use ...


Why are you passing the disks through a RAID Controller? JBOD would make more sense when using ZFS. You could run into Problems because of your controller. Anyway, its save to just detach and re-attach the disk. You could also try to replace the disk (without really replacing it: zpool replace pool disk) Let it resilver and scrub again.

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