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Some background information: In ZFS you build your storage pools out of vdevs (virtual devices). A single pool can have as many vdevs as you want, and each vdev itself can consist of one or more disks. Redundancy is managed at the vdev level, so your pool will always be striped (concatenated) over all vdevs it consists of. This means you will lose your pool ...


No, it's won't do anything automatically. You can't convert between RAID protection types dynamically. RAIDZ1 is not the same thing as a striped dev set in ZFS. I you're looking to change between types, you'll likely have to rebuild or backup/restore to the structure you desire.


I would judge from the man page description Print machine-parsable verbose information about the stream package generated that it is the same information, only in a better format (for example, bytes instead of conversion to KB/MB/GB). Also, from your example 4903284160/1024^3~=4.566, rounded up to 4.57, which checks out. Have a look at this Oracle ...


We were looking into running Mongo on ZFS and saw that this post raised major concerns about the performance available. Two years on we wanted to see how new releases of Mongo that use WiredTiger over mmap, performed on the now officially supported ZFS that comes with the latest Ubuntu Xenial release. In summary it was clear that ZFS doesn't perform quite ...

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