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The answer in this case seems to have been that the support system sends mails with duplicate IDs, one for the message, and one for the change of ticket status, and Zimbra's default action is not to deliver duplicate mails. The answer was therefore to run zmprov mcf zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize 0 as the zimbra user and restart the mailbox daemon: ...


Take a look at this python script, this should do the job: https://github.com/quentinsf/IMAPdedup


Restarting the system logger daemon shouldn't have any negative impact on the system or applications. I've reconfigured rsyslog/syslog-ng for remote UDP sending of logs on plenty of servers (including a small Zimbra installation) during production hours, along with service restarts, and I've never had any issues. Even if syslog was mis-configured/down for ...

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