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With Postfix 2.7 or later it's pretty easy. First create one entry for each IP in master.cf, like this: out1 unix - - n - - smtp -o syslog_name=postfix-out1 -o smtp_helo_name=out1.yourdomain.tld -o smtp_bind_address=a.b.c.1 out2 unix - - n - - smtp -o ...


Why shouldn't you give up delivering email after one day? One good reason is weekends. Email is not now, and never was, particularly reliable. In the early days of the Internet, the 1980s, it was entirely possible for email to take a couple of days just to reach its destination, what with some network links not being 24x7, over expensive long distance ...


I recommend against changing the give-up time. Say the recipient's office (with on-site email) was wiped out by a \tornado|earthquake|fire\ over the weekend. If the company uses offsite tape backups for their DR plan, you'd better believe it's going to take longer than 24 hours to go from tornado to accepting email again. 5 days would be too long in this ...


1) it should be 443 not 445, it's standard HTTPS 2) if not it's 8443 (or 443 via nginx proxy) pending your install 3) disable your firewall (temporarily) Did you install it with their RPM? what package? 8.6.1GA? re-run the installer you may have missed something and make sure all services are running sudo su - zimbra zmcontrol status

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