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To move mail from one server to the other you will need to set up a per email transport in your transport table. Assuming that the transport table is set up in this manner: transport_maps = /etc/postfix/transport , you would add in a line for each email user@domain.tld transport:[nexthop] So you would probably use something like user1@example.com ...


The answer to your question is straightforward. If the zimbra (which is postfix) server is configured as the final destination for domain.com, while the mail is in the active queue, it will then see that it can be delivered via the local transport, and be sent directly to the mailbox, without passing through the relay server.


Introduction Zimbra is email and collaborative suits. It uses postfix as MTA. You can optionally enable policyd to provide limiting features such as quota or throttle. Every configuration can be altered by web interface or CLI. Direct editing to configuration file / database shouldn't be done. Zimbra could overwrite it when upgrading or restarting. ...

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