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i found out why, my zone has key in wrong,and my zone is already exist in samba4 dynamic create zone,i need to use samba-tool dns add or dns management tools in window


Reverse DNS doesn't work that way. The nameserver for those IP addresses is dennis@spirit:~$ dig -t NS 76.175.69.in-addr.arpa 76.175.69.in-addr.arpa. 21599 IN NS ns2.singlehop.com. 76.175.69.in-addr.arpa. 21599 IN NS ns1.singlehop.com. 76.175.69.in-addr.arpa. 21599 IN NS ns3.singlehop.com. So you need to contact them (or possibly use your ...


do you control access to your reverse zone / PTR Record? It's typical to have to request your hosting provider to change these for you. that, or there might be a section within your control panel to do this. edit: typically rDNS is setup when mail is being denied by public mail services like Google, or marked as spam. in order to actually pass the rDNS ...


Figured it out, had to make the following changes: Add "minimal-responses yes;" to named.conf.options and changed the zone file to the following: $TTL 3600 $ORIGIN override-url.example.com. @ IN SOA override-url.example.com. hostmaster.override-url.example.com. ( 20140805 ; sn = serial number 86400 ; ref = refresh = 1d ...


In PowerDNS, all names are fully qualified, but without a trailing dot. So, not www but www.example.com. Not @ or `` but example.com.


No, you cannot just use the IP address as a nameserver. To solve the apparent chicken-vs-egg problem, you need glue records inserted into the parent zone. For example.com., the parent zone would be .com. Your registrar must do this.. So, lets say for sake of argument that your VPS's IP address is, and you've got a secondary nameserver running on ...

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