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Finally I've found that my ZFS pool is not corrupted. Old server imports/exports pool without any problem. The only difference was in ZFS kernel version and modules versions: Old: kernel 3.13.0-39-generic, SPL: v0.6.3-1~trusty, ZFS: v0.6.3-3~trusty New: kernel 3.13.0-43-generic, SPL: v0.6.3-3~trusty, ZFS: v0.6.3-5~trusty And, zfs slices were made in ...


Yes, you've rendered your disks unusable... Maybe there's some ZDB magic that can help, but creating RAID 0 HP Logical Drives is a pretty deliberate action. There would have been a clear warning that the data contained on the disks would be lost because of the Smart Array metadata. In general, multiple RAID 0 Logical Drives for ZFS is a bad idea behind a ...

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