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comment Open port and route incoming traffic back to the connected client - OpenVPN
I can opt for that. However I could just open ports for the whole vpn subnet, right? I mean for every joined client there is a local virtual address generated. If I cover the whole subnet with that rule it should work. I just forgot about these virtual address and I was focusing on the fact that my home IP is dynamic.
comment CSS, JS and images are not loading while sharing WAMP over local network
If it solved your issue, why are u removing answer mark?
comment VSFTPD - Linux (CentOS 5) - Making a single dir FTP root
i will +1 yours if i get my points, because u gave the half of it :]
comment Why is the chroot_local_user of vsftpd insecure?
I use the AllowUsers user1 user2 directive in my sshd_config, where i don't allow the ftp_user1 to login with ssh, still user ftp_user1 is able to login with ftp. So it's working as intented, but still my main question open, why is it unsecure?
comment Whats the difference for DNS servers if there is the www subdomain
It was the TTL/DNS cacheing what i was missing. I gave answer for Mathias because he wrote it first.
comment Whats the difference for DNS servers if there is the www subdomain
Ye i do know that. Still with the www prefix its resolved for the "old" ip. Is there maybe an upper level witch stores it cached, and need some time to get the new adress?