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comment How to give a user NTFS rights to a folder, via Powershell
I wish I had a Windows machine to test on. I'm totally winging it, lol. Did you try write-host "username=$username" immediately after you assign the $username? If it outputs "username=", then it must be the read-host. Also, we have a discrepancy where I use $user_name and you $username. Sorry about that. I'm sure you probably used $username, but just in case, thought I'd double check. Wish I could help more. Good luck, Don.
comment get-adcomputer error: “Invalid Enumeration Context” when running powershell script
Mark, you are correct, and I updated the suggestion to filter as your task requires. This should eleviate concerns of efficiency on the 10k objects. I think the only advantage is handling small strings instead of objects with unused data, and that you can potentially get alternative information on the issue and, or, by-pass the current issue. Either way, good luck! :)