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It's NP-Complete, And this node is not nodey. But we can write Lots of good code that is codey.

"If you don't understand Geek, please signify by nodding."

"I felt I was barking at red herrings and wild sheep up wrong trees." But SO set me straight.

comment Accessing storage on an EC2 instance?
I don't know if AlanZ's reference to /dev/scb1 and /dev/sdb2 is formerly correct or not, but it's not currently correct. I'm hesitant to edit his answer which is otherwise great. But @DanNissenbaum's comment is correct (and important).
comment Enabling nginx Chunked Transfer Encoding
I agree: I'm finding that HttpChunkinModule is the only theoretical workaround... but it's not open to me in my situation. Does anyone know if anything else can be done? (Any changes since 30 Jan 2011?)