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Videogame and simulations programmer. Lisper, JAPH, and MOS-65xx hacker, among other things; MMO's, insurance/EDI systems, embedded Linux gaming, military simulations…

For work, Common Lisp and Clojure[Script] these days, previously C, C++, Java, sometimes ADA & FORTRAN, and once upon a time COBOL; For pleasure, Perl, Lisp, MOS-65xx assembly (Commodore, Apple, Atari 2600), and little languages for little machines.

comment How to start a program through putty, then disconnect but program keeps running on remote Ubuntu machine?
In addition to screen, tmux, or dtach, there are also nohup and batch for totally non-interactive jobs. It sounds a bit like you should be submitting these via batch perhaps …
comment Why swap is used when enough RAM is avaliable?
If it makes you feel better, that's 3MiB more RAM for I/O caching available to your system
comment Track, save and revert file system modifications made by a program under Linux
Yes, you can do that as well, from single-user-mode, perhaps. Take a look at the unionfs ­— basically, the RW filesystem accepts all the writes, but the RO filesystem is still visible beneath it. If a file's changed, it “migrates” to the RW fs; if it's deleted, there's actually a “magic dotfile” on the RW fs to “mask” it. Setting up unionfs can be a little touchy, is why I'd suggested the LiveUSB (it does that part for you, and you have a “clean” system image to start from)
comment Increasing the concurrent user performance in LAMP application
Yes, it is. but what is slowing it down? Have you identified what the problem is, yet? It's hard to posit a solution before that.
comment Hiding the last run program in `w`
wait 'til he finds out about sa
comment Linux - Date of the latest modified file in a folder
very much as suggested by @quanta, only difference is the formatting being done on each line. quanta's method is probably wiser, you can use $(insert-language-of-choice perl php ...) to convert into your preferred date format without doing so for every file